Kosmozoo Fundraising


Fundraising in Brussels to bring Kosmozoo to Nowhere festival in Spain.

Dear cosmic beings, we are delighted to announce that we will be back at Nowhere this year to please you even more with carefully selected music and entertainment!

Come join us burn the dance floor and have a grandiose time, from dusk til dawn and more importantly have as much fun as humanly possible, while making the Cosmik Animals great again.

We have two floors dedicated to our cosmic event, an amazing dance-floor, as well as a comfortable chill floor.

Officially the event will start at 8pm but you may come around 18h as there will certainly be some workshops and activities before and during the event. Follow us on our event page to have more information coming soon. If you have any wish to create a workshop or bring some art, contact us.

Photos before the crowd came in 🙂

Thank you to everyone for your participation.

Follow us on Twitch TV channel.

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