Nowhere Festival


We started as a collective of artists at Nowhere Festival.

For 7 days, 35 participants in our camp are providing full entertainment to the rest of the community. Providing inspirational music every year during 7 days in the desert of Monegros (Spain).

Nowhere is an experiment in creative freedom, participation and contents cash-free community. Conceived, built, experienced and returned to nothing by you.

Nowhere is a Burning Man regional event in Spain, the biggest such regional event in Europe. It began in 2004 and is held annually in July in the Monegros Desert, located in Aragon in north-eastern Spain. 

Nowhere, like any Burning Man event, differs drastically from a music festival. Participation is the key element of the event and every attendant is expected to be involved in some way. (Edition 20182019)


You probably wonder whether there will be an event next year.

The short answer is, we don’t know.

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