Piccaya & Friends #1


Kosmozoo is Inviting Piccaya & His Friends for a memorable night in Brussels.

Various DJ’s will be playing up & downtempo, lounge space, projection & good mood.

👉   What is in the package ?
There will be a dance floor with dedicated DJ’s, a chill area and an outside tent for the smokers, bear in mind that it will be cold outside. The main stage will stop playing around 3-4:00 AM to keep a good neighborhood, the chill will be ending around 5:30 AM.

👉  Things not to forget ?

  • Your cup, of course, a burner is not a burner without his cup;
  • The house is shoes off, so we will offer you fresh new slippers;
  • Pimp yourself, anything, be special that night !
    Your smiles and happiness & and I am sure something to share with your new future friends.

👉 How can you participate ?

  1. To help before the event to build (Saturday afternoon);
  2. To help during the event (bar or LNT);
  3. To create a special workshop or any performance during the night;
  4. To help for strike & cleaning (Sunday late afternoon)

Thank you to everyone for your participation.

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