#64 – Umayyad [Piccaya]

Deep & Ethnic

KOSMOZOO Nr. 64 @ Shoutingfire Radio.
Date: 20/03/2022
Artist: Piccaya 

“Umayyad” is a deep & oriental downtempo musical journey. Set that was live broadcasted to ShoutingFire Radio for the Kosmo Downtempo Live Nb.64 on the 20/03/2022. This set is especially dedicated to all my listeners from Ukraine and Russia, peace is the only solution.

Umayyad : Arabic noun meaning being a member of a dynasty of caliphs based in Damascus that ruled from A.D. 661 to 750 … Who know I was one of them in one of my previous lives …

Artists featured in this set: More Ghost Than Man, YannaY, Christian Hülshoff, Herrhausen, Treindl, Jack Essek, Salvo Migliorini, Tribu Oro, apaj, Matija, Magupi, Sven, Aliye Mutlu, Majnoon, Erdi Arslan, Bahramji, Mashti, Slow Nomaden, JAVALI (MX), Tolga Maktay, Rhemus, Ali Termos, Anima II, A X L, Private Sense, Kellie Sakkaku, Megablast, S.Samo, Cafe De Anatolia, Stephane Salerno, OM.EL BEAT, Max TenRoM.

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