#78 – Stelaris [Piccaya]

Melodic & Progressive

KOSMOZOO Nr. 78 @ Shoutingfire Radio
Date: 02/10/2022
Artist: Piccaya

Cosmic Deep house set made of a selection of 27 new tracks, be ready to reach Stelaris. The length of the journey is 145 minutes & I wish you a good cosmic journey with this new Kosmozoo set. broadcasted also on ShoutingFire.com for the Kosmo Downtempo Live Nb.78 on the 02/10/2022 (10 Am Pacific Time – 19h Europe)

Artists featured in this set: Cosmos Shape, Stan Kolev, Arash Shadram, Adam Husa, Hot Oasis, Juan Deminicis, Matan Caspi, Out of Mind, Ykonosh, Nesh Holden, Matador, Kalitos, Mindshield, Morttagua, Tamir Regev, Fabian Krooss, HIGHLITE, Marga Sol, Ricardo Piedra, Renga Weh, Federico Asensio, ZAHNA, D.J. MacIntyre, NOMAS, Benwaa, Pea K Five, Ominous LIVE, Lake Avalon, Lauren Mia, Eternal Moment, Emrat, dubspeeka.

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