#86 – Lost Horizon [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

KOSMOZOO Nr. 86 @ Shoutingfire Radio. The Burner Radio.
Artist: Piccaya 

Radical ethnic electronic music journey. It combines electronic and organic sounds, tribal songs, and traditional ethnic instruments from around the world.

The inspiration of this set came from James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon”. The book is set in a fictional Himalayan utopia called Shangri-La, which is portrayed as a mystical and exotic paradise that embodies many Western fantasies and stereotypes about the East.

Overall, “Lost Horizon” can be seen as an example of how Orientalist discourse has shaped Western perceptions of the East, perpetuating romanticized and idealized images of an exotic and mystical Orient that is fundamentally different from and superior to the West.

This new Kosmozoo set was live performed from my Studio in Brussels on ShoutingFire.com for the Kosmo Downtempo Live Nb.86 on the 26/02/2023 (10 Am Pacific Time – 19h Europe).

Artists featured in this set: Arcaans, DJ Phellix, Amir Sheykh, Sant (IR), A X L, Tibetania, Ephlum, KXDR, kośa records, Auroboros, Netam, Damla Temel, Muaz Ceyhan, Billy Esteban, Cafe De Anatolia, 84 Avenue, tayu, Transcenic, Michael Simon, Jad Halal, YAAS, B.o.T, BuVu, Sercan Peşan, Seventh Soul, Buddha Bar, Mr.ID, Salah Hammadi, Momo Ryuk, Omaro, Yaku means Water, SIAAH, Ka_lu, Solidmind, Zigan Aldi, Monohøle, Ezgihan, Desert Raven, Daniel Navrotsky, Palinodia.

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