#72 – Place Of Dream [Piccaya]

Melodic & Progressive

KOSMOZOO Nr. 72 @ Shoutingfire Radio.
Date: 19/06/2022
Artist: Piccaya

“Place of Dream”, a progressive uptempo set with organic music. Set live broadcasted to ShoutingFire Radio for the Kosmo Downtempo. Originally performed at the Place of Dream in South Africa in 2022.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and
sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself…

It was an honor for me to play to the wedding of Megan and David at the POD, two good burner friends. The POD is an amazing place in the middle of the desert of Karoo. Here is my 2h30 set performed on the 23rd April 2022.

The Place of Dream (POD) is situated in the Tankwa Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa The founder and creators invite the artists, builders, engineers, designers and makers to bring your skills and continue to contribute collectively to build a life made of dreams. Place Of Dreams is not governed by rules and regulations but is rather motivated by a passion to create a world where a collective ethos and respect for others predominates.

Artist Featured in this set: Darko De Jan, Derun, Stan Kolev, Le Son Du Placard, Township Rebellion, Space Motion, Makossa (IT), Y do I, Prevision, Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth, Jaxel, Peter Groskreutz, Rafael Cerato, Gabriel Moraes, Rapossa, Mehdi Maghraoui, Cafe De Anatolia, Abdallah balti, DJ Bey, Majnoon, Ergin Kizilay, Mayro, John Dare, Arrab, Light Breath, Natasha Wax, Ignacio Arbeleche, Homework, Billy Esteban, Ayala (IT), Carsten Halm, Oriss, Adam, Jaksa Pavicevic, Pacco & Rudy B, Kotelett & Zadak, Ka_lu, Stan Kolev, Out of Mind, Mass Digital, Coffin Dance, Pulli & Chomba…

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