Downtempo #92 – Indukala [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

KOSMOZOO Nr. 92 @ Shoutingfire Radio. The Burner Radio.
Artist: Piccaya

Indukala …
A name that shimmers like moonlight,
A name that dances on the breeze,
A name that sings with the stars.

Live broadcasted on Shouting Fire Radio. Kosmo Downtempo Live nr. 92 (05/11/2023 – 7PM to 10AM). Shouting Fire is a global burning radio network, with year-round programs from Burns all over the world as well as weekly shows.

Artists featured in this set: MNDZKR, Ra (MX), Stan Kolev, Out of Mind, Momo Ryuk, Khalid Elhamri, The Wild Child, Dorian Craft, SEGG, Djuma Soundsystem, Western, Tebra, Gulivert, Shimza, Argento Dust, Yves Eaux, Erdit Mertiri, Deepest, RoelBeat, Alexander Alar, Rafael Cerato, ANUQRAM, Piccaya, MÖW, Bahramji, Medusa Odyssey, Umannto, Pleasurekraft, Dirty Doering, Sam Shure, CIOZ, Oliver Koletzki.

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