Downtempo #94 [Moth Warlock]

Ethnic Downtempo

KOSMOZOO Nr. 94 @ Shoutingfire Radio. The Burner Radio.
Artist: Moth Warlock

Embrace the mystical fusion of ethnic traditions and electronic experimentation as Moth Warlock conjures a mesmerizing sonic tapestry of downtempo grooves.

Diego Mancilla, Mexican DJ and Producer, begins his career in electronic music south of Mexico City. Influenced by the Organic House and Downtempo styles, he decided to create the project called “Moth Warlock” seeking to enter the listeners’ ears through enveloping and deep harmonies, slow but dynamic rhythms, and percussions that evoke an ethnic and danceable environment.

Live broadcasted on Shouting Fire Radio. Kosmo Nr. 94 (17/12/2023 – 7PM to 10AM). Shouting Fire is a global burning radio network, with year-round programs from Burns all over the world as well as weekly shows.

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