Downtempo #95 – Sierra Orientalis [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

KOSMOZOO Nr. 95 @ Shoutingfire Radio. The Burner Radio.
Artist: Piccaya

Delve into the captivating world of Piccaya’s downtempo mix, “Sierra Orientalis,” echoing the serenity and mystique of the eponymous flower. This harmonious blend of organic, ethnic, deep, and melodic sounds gently guides you on a sonic journey, transporting you to a realm of serene beauty and profound introspection.

Live broadcasted on Shouting Fire Radio. Kosmo Nr. 95 (14/01/2024 – 7PM to 9AM). Shouting Fire is a global burning radio network, with year-round programs from Burns all over the world as well as weekly shows.

Artists featured in this set: URUCUM, Vinzoo, Ka:lu, ÜNAM, Serkan Eles, Roderic, Jaqueline Jones, Rapossa, Yan Ra, Indygo, Tolga Maktay, Leohnart, ABUELAH, Da Karma, Ipek Ipekcioglu, Petra Nachtmanova, Pantera, Darko De Jan, Jean Vayat, Abacilar, Tadej Jaki, Mahamantra.

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