#18 – Saraswati [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning.

Saraswati is a musical journey across Oriental soundscapes mixed with deep voices and melodies. 2 hours of true immersion into deep oriental organic downtempo music. Live Set performed on ShoutingFire.com, an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture.

🔥 www.shoutingfire.com

Artists featured in this set: Santi, Tugce Kurtis, Santi & Tuğçe, Guy Maayan, Mashti, Anber, Emrat, Rebeat, Jose Solano, Yamil, Ka_lu, Glenn Shaw, Ephlum, Valeron, Socko, Majnoon – Huma Kusu feat. Mtu, 7even (GR), Nacim Gastli, Kora (CA), Wuachuma, Laroz Camel Rider, Alvaro Suarez, Ohxala, George X, Plecta, Valeron.

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