#24 – Sattva [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

Sattva is a Sanskrit term which means in particular: “existence, reality, nature, vital principle, intelligence, consciousness, truth”.

Three hours of immersion into deep oriental organic downtempo music. This time, I picked up some of my favorites tracks played in previous Kosmozoo sets including a few new delightful pieces of music. Live Set performed on ShoutingFire.com, an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture.

🔥 www.shoutingfire.com

Artists featured in this set: Artphorm, Monvol, Jose Solano, Think City, Guruji Gerhard, Professor, Derun, Tribu Oro, Ramiro Rossotti, Toulouse, Shkoon, Fruiterama, T-Puse, Carbalido, Majnoon – Sarzanesh feat. Onur Nazim, Rapossa, Slow Nomaden, Majnoon, Breger, Karmaâ, Bām̐dara, Yuma, ALUNA, Gulivert, Balint Boldizsar, Seldjan Dervish, Bigz, Below Bangkok, Kiano, Soire, DJ Khaikhan, Adham Shaikh, Al-Jive Mestizo, Nina Simmons, Nadav Dagon , Jack Essek, Stephane Salerno, Sora, Massam, SANDER (FR), Christian Hülshoff, Herrhausen, Treindl.

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