#28 – Dhune [Piccaya]

Ethnic Downtempo

Dhun is the reverberation of the sound principle in creation, Music of the spheres. A dhun is also a light instrumental piece in Hindustani classical music.

Kosmozoo Sunday Live on Shoutingfire.com. 2 hours of deep oriental mixed & melodic house. Fire Set with 23 New tracks. Live Set performed on ShoutingFire.com, an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture.

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Artists featured in this set: Piccaya, Sergey Nomad, Emrat, Think City, Kioomars Musayyebi, 7even (GR), Haris Kate, Gkraikos Tete, Whirl, Seventh Soul, Serkan Eles, Monojoke, Circle of Life, CHOMBA, Savvas, Bigz, Soire, Ersin Ersavas, Einmusik, Eternal Moment, Jack Essek & Stephane Salerno, Solidmind, Touzani, Hisham Sabbah, Nacres, Contenance & Miles Away, Chris Ojeda, Joep Mencke.

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