#30 – Caapi [Piccaya]

Organic Downtempo

Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as ayahuasca, jagube, caapi or yagé, is a South American liana of the family Malpighiaceae. It is one half of ayahuasca, a decoction with a long history of its entheogenic (hallucinogenic) use and its status as a “plant teacher” among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest…

On the menu 2 hours of super uplifting & organic downtempo music. The introduction will set you up for the rest of the set. 27 New tracks. Live Set performed on ShoutingFire.com, an independent, international broadcasting collective, born on the playa and inspired by Burning Man. We are dedicated to the free flow of information and to spreading art and culture.

🔥 www.shoutingfire.com

Artists featured in this set: Raphael & Gabriel, Shimarúa, Jiony, Jack Essek, Kaygee, Valtierra, Die Jungle, Deisen, Vinzoo, Ahau, Oilst, Mf Jaeger, Yemanjo, Kusht, IV-IN, Neuquén Groove, Die Vogelperspektive, jPattersson, Vladimir Cosma, Yervant Meg, Atmana, Neuquén Groove, Da Iguana, Kleintierschaukel, Muno, Akuba, Arutani, Carrot Green, OONGA, Ansoara.

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