Kosmozoo Records is exited to unveil the fresh release from Piccaya, titled “Sedna,”. The track comes also with an amazing remix from Elie Ô & Dolbytall.

“Step into the legend of Sedna, a defiant Inuit beauty who spurned marriage proposals. In a fit of rage, her father cast her adrift. As she clung to the ice, he severed her fingers, each transforming into a sea creature as it fell. Sedna herself sank beneath the waves, becoming the goddess of the ocean and the underworld. Feared and revered, Sedna controlled the bounty of the sea. Shamans journeyed to her depths to appease her and ensure the hunt’s success. This tale of rebellion, sacrifice, and transformation highlights the Inuit respect for nature and the delicate balance between humans and the world they depend on…”

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Artists: Piccaya, Elie Ô & Dolby Tall

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